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One-to-One Funds

One-to-One Funds assists patients and their families with fundraising efforts by creating a personal fund at the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation (BMCF). It is a simple and effective way for a patient's family, friends, and community to raise money on a patient's behalf.

Using this website (or by sending a check to the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation), a patient’s supporters can raise money for a fund that directly benefits that patient to help with treatment-related expenses.

All donations are tax-deductible. The BMCF administers these funds directly to the patient. Each donor receives an acknowledgment letter and the patient receives a listing of all donations made to their One-to-One Fund.

Carol Adinolfi

Carol's One-to-One Fund

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$16,444 of $25,000 Goal

Carol Adinolfi is a writer, teacher, and chef. Born and raised in New York City, with an MFA in poetry, she has taught creative writing to illiterate adults in Manhattan, inner city kids in The Bronx, and prisoners at the Brooklyn House of Detention. After moving to Vermont in 2006, Carol founded “Blooming Chefs,” a program that teaches public school children how to grow and cook healthy food. This program also incorporates creative writing and visual art to encourage self expression in children. Carol considers it an honor to have worked as an educator for many years.

In 2009 Carol was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and was forced to cut down and eventually eliminate the teaching and writing she so loves in order to undergo treatment. She endured four rounds of chemotherapy, but the disease has repeatedly returned. Carol’s doctors have now determined that her only chance of survival is through a stem cell transplant. Fortunately her sister Nina is a donor match, and this life saving procedure has been scheduled for July at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

Carol faces the transplant, and its year (or more) of recovery, as a single person already stripped of resources. During her long illness, she has been increasingly debilitated by its symptoms and its treatment. She will not be able to work for the next year, and anticipates deeper financial hardship.

In order to help offset the costs and losses associated with her transplant, Carol, along with family and friends, has decided to partner with the Bone Marrow Foundation. They have set up a One-to-One Fund to collect donations on her behalf. These funds will be directly allocated to such necessities as home care and living expenses. They will also greatly help with transportation expenses, as Carol’s car is unable to handle the trip, and she will need to both rent a car and pay someone to drive her back and forth from Vermont to Boston.

Carol looks forward to returning to life as a healthy and energetic person doing rich and rewarding work. She is filled with gratitude for the support, assistance, and love she has received from family and friends throughout her illness. Carol is deeply grateful for any support at this point and beyond.

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